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We know what it takes to be number one.

We deal in fast developing markets, introducing innovative technologies for growing the business of our local customers.

At AfricaUA, we like to create new market realities.

Our fast expanding business is largely possible thanks to our extensive network of strategic and local partnerships that provide the physical and knowledge resources needed to adapt our business to the peculiarities of each market.

Our 8 years of tireless development have produced a business model that has been successfully implemented into profitable businesses in a variety of markets.

We’ve done the hard work and we have applied it successfully time and time again. We are always open to work with others who share our vision and have something to add to our capacities.

If you have something interesting to add to our business in terms of resources, geography, or even a brilliant idea, make sure to contact us.

Our blog

Dear Martha Hawinga, CEO of Namibian Competition Commission!

Dear Martha Hawanga CEO of NCC!
24/07/2016

Everyone should be engaged in his own business!

One of  the main aspects in our business policy is prohibiting of advertising vehicles which are not currently available on the dealership yard or just sold out. But some of Mauritian dealers are so upset about this, that they allow themselves even personal insults toward to administration of our project. Well! Let me try to make it clear, and I hope that understanding of our concept will finally cross the mind some of the most complicated MU car dealers.
11/09/2015

Too early is the worst than to be to too late.

When I was beginning my “adventure” into the market of vehicle sales in South Africa, I had to deal with a complete lack of education of my potential clients in the internet sector generally. Any attempt to convince a car dealer to try our service, even if free of charge, was ending up in complete failure.
11/09/2015

A hybrid success of our startup in the Philippines

The destiny brought us to the Philippines accidentally. It happened when my partner and friend Diego Alonso van Camp mentioned that his brother has a family there, and it would be great for him to give some business opportunity for his brother. Suchwise in March 2011 we had launched the project in the Philippines, despite my statements about the madness of such adventures…
09/09/2015

Subtleties of startups on an exotic island!

My business partner, and friend Diego Alonso van Camp brought me to Mauritius in November 2010. Despite of my sceptical position - we launched the project, and in 6 months time - we had already most popular website in Mauritius for selling & buying used cars.
09/09/2015

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